List Types


Saturation Lists

Geography: Can do by radius, zip codes, cities, counties or by custom area (polygon).

Selects: Can do Homes + Apts + Businesses. Can suppress Apts and/or Businesses at no additional cost (i.e mailing to ‘homes’ only).
To suppress Homes + Businesses (mailing to Apts only will incur 5 cents extra cost). Saturation Lists go by postal routes. We have average household income + home value + age info on various postal routes if client requires to cherry pick specific postal routes based on this data within desired geography.

Standard Targeted Lists (Consumers)

Geography: Can do by radius, zip codes, cities, counties or by custom area (polygon)
Selects: Age, Household Income, Home Value, Age of Property, Number of Years at Home, Gender, Homes/Apts, Month of Birth, Marital Status,

Households with Children (by age), Grandparents, Veterans. Mail Order Purchase Recency, Pet Owners Mortgage: Type (Fixed/Adjustable), Interest Rate, Amount, Loan To Value, Estimated Home Equity, Mortgage Sale Month High Tech Households, Ethnicity, Religion, Wealth, Investment Appetite, Number of Credit Cards

New Movers: when moved (last week, 2 weeks, 1 month etc), type of move (out-of-state/ within state etc), move distance (miles).

New Home Owner: How recent was the purchase? (last week, 2 weeks, 1 month etc)

Bankruptcy Fliers: Type (Chapter 7,11 etc), status (filed, discharged, dismissed), dates.

Hobbies/Interests: Golf, Computer, Health/Fitness, Books & Music, Finance/Investment. Entertainment, Children’s Item

Standard Targeted Lists (Businesses)

Geography: Can do by radius, zip codes, cities, counties or by custom area (polygon)

Selects: Type of Businesses ( By SIC codes, Keyword/Yellow Page Header, Major Industry Grouping)

Number of Employees, Sales, Number of Years in Business, Spending on Yellow Page Ads

New Businesses: How new ( 1 week, 1 month etc), Type of Filing (Corporation, DBA etc), Home-Based Executives (at work address): By Title (CEO, HR, Sales etc)

Professionals (at work address): Physicians and Surgeons, Attorneys, Dentists, Accountants, Engineers

Specialty Targeted Lists (Consumers & Businesses)

These lists will cost 10 cents extra and are not included as part of our standard turnkey targeted mailing price structure. There are 50,000 different types of specialty list available. Minimun mailing quantity will be 5,000-10,000 pcs.
Examples of Consumer Specialty Lists: College Students, High School Students, Specific Magazine Subscribers, Motorcycles Owners, New and Expecting Parents , RV Owners, Boat Owners, Teachers, People with Specific Ailments. Animal Advocates, Doners to Various Causes, Fishing & Hunting License Holders, Land & Real Estate Investors, Car Owners (Mercedes, BMW, Toyota etc), Credit Score Range, Maxed Credit Card Holders, Credit Card Declined, Cruise Vacations Enthusiasts, Homes in Foreclosure and Auction, Casino Gamblers
Examples of Business Specialty Lists: Market Research Executives, Apartment Building Owners, Operators Of Apartment Buildings, Hispanic Entrepreneurs, Construction Industry Executives, Government Executives at Federal, State and County levels, Highway Professionals, Car Dealerships, Nonprofit and Tax-Exempt Organizations, Executives in the Casino & Gaming Industry.