Reading Saturation Report & Map





SFDU refers to single family homes (homeowners and renters in SFDUs)
MFDU refers to apartments (can be excluded)
TRLR refers to trailer parks/manufactured homes (excluded in most cases)
BUS refers to business addresses (addressed “Occupant”) in saturation mailings are usually excluded. If the goal is to reach businesses only, targeted mailings with business names are more appropriate. Saturation mailings are typically sent to residential addresses only.
Names refers to number of addresses where names are available. Please note that we do not address saturation postcards by the name but as ‘Current Resident’, so this number is not relevant.
Income– refers to the average income in the specific route
Home refers to the average home value in the route
Age refers to the average age in the route
PHWC refers to the Percentage of Homes with Children in the route
Sat column has postal technical codes referring to how concentrated the mailing will be in the specific route for mailing purpose – you need not worry about this.





The blue area in the map shows routes in the report and the mailing area. The numbers labeled R010, R 015, C031, etc. are postal routes. You can choose to mail to the entire shaded area or cherry-pick postal routes based on income or other criteria (in the report) or the location of the route. You can also choose to target homes only and exclude apartments.