File Formats

If we are printing door hangers or postcards directly from your own finished artwork the

following are some guidelines to simplify the process of sending us your files.

The preferred format for sending us files is a press quality PDF.

We also accept EPS, JPG and TIFF formats as well as native files in any of the usual design & page layout programs such as PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, and so on.

When preparing files, make sure that they are CMYK. Flatten all files and convert fonts to outline before sending them. Images and files should be at 300 dpi resolution.

Design specifications:


Door hangers and postcards need to have 0.1 25″ (i.e. 1/8th) inch bleed on all four sides. As an example, for 4×6 final size trimmed postcard, the file that we need to get is 4.25×6.25.

Safe area

In order to allow for tolerances in trimming the printed pieces, your design should allow for a O.25″ (1/4th) inch “safe area” between the edge of your design and the edge of the paper. Please keep all critical text within the “safe area”. For door hangers, no critical text in the top 1.75″ area where a hole will be punched.

Layout & Templates

The layout guide and templates below will further assist in ensuring correct submission of files.


Final Postcard File Dimension Template
Size To send  
4×6 4.25×6.25 Postcard Template 4×6.ait
5.5X8.5 5.75X8.75 Postcard Template 5_5 x 8_5.ait
6×11 6.25X1 1.25 Postcard Template 6×1 1.ait


Final Doorhanger File Dimension Template
Size To send  
4.25×11 4.55×11.25 Doorhanger Template 4_25x11.ait
6X18 6.25X18.25 Doorhanger Template 6 x 18.ait