Do you provide call tracking service?

We do not provide call tracking service, but there are a number of vendors who we can point to who can help with this. We encourage you to establish your own account with them rather than through a direct mail marketing company like ours because you want to own that number.  So in case you want to deal with another direct mail company in future (though we hope to have you as a permanent client), you do not have to worry about that aspect.

Remember, a call tracking number enables you to track and record conversations (with consent) for quality assurance purpose. However, once you start using the call tracking number and it appears on a lot of advertising you do,  it will have to be live/active long after you stop advertising. Some consumers may not respond to your ad immediately and may try to reach you after a few months. And remember to renew so that the number does not go inactive because of payment/credit card failure.

Here are some vendors you can look at, please do your own due diligence – they are not necessarily recommendations or endorsements, and we have no affiliation with them: