Saturation Options

Area Options for Saturation Postcard Mailings

Saturation general neighborhood mailing can be based on full zip codes, sections of a zip code, radius (say closest 4,000 homes and apartments) or distance (2 miles, etc) around the location or even a custom polygon area.

While saturation mailings go to every household, you have the option to exclude apartments and target homes only. Businesses are usually excluded in these types of mailings.

Our Demographics Department can guide you in finalizing your mailing area based on your preference.

Saturation mailings based on
radius is common for targeting
the closest 4,000 homes and
apartments to your business.
This has no demographic
criteria and simply delivers to
every household in the area.
You can select the radius by
how many households you
want to target (closest 4,000
6,000 etc) or how many miles
from your business you want to go, 1mile, 3 miles etc

Polygon based mailings are when
you want to target a specific area.
Our demographics department
can draw a polygon based on the
area description you give us. This
will mail to every household
within the polygon (shape).

Saturation mailings based
on zip code(s) allows for a
broader mailing. With this
option, businesses can
target entire zip code(s)
and can target one zip
code one month and then
another the second

If you want to do a recurring
mailer, you can also select to
target one radius and then the
following month target the next
radius outside of the first radius.
This would require us to do concentric
circles to ensure you are
not targeting the same household
every month. The image
represents a map of an area
with three concentric circles. The
first radius is the dark purple,
the second is the light blue, and
the third is the green-grey.
None of the areas overlap, so no
household will receive the postcard

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