What are the sizes and specs of your postcards?

We offer three sizes of postcards: 4” X 6” (regular), 5.5” X

8.5” (large) and 6" x 11" (jumbo). The postcards are printed on 100lb gloss card stock, full color both sides.

We offer a complete design, print and mailing service

(including standard postage paid) of a 4” X 6” postcard for neighborhood saturation mailing, for 32¢ per piece for a minimum of 4,000 pcs. This includes help with a concept, the custom design of the postcard and printing. It includes target area selection with the help of our demography department, choosing and acquiring a mailing list for your neighborhood selection, by zip code or radius, addressing and mailing the postcards. All that for 32¢ per piece! Other offers (larger postcards, different kinds of mailings) are covered below.

What are the minimum numbers for printing & mailing?

The minimum number of postcards we will print and mail

is 1,000 pieces (37 cents for a 4x6 Saturation mailing) or 500 pieces if it's a recurring monthly birthday or new mover marketing (48 cents/pc for a 4x6).

What are the different types of mailings?

A. Neighborhood, saturation mailings. These are mailings

to residents or businesses in an area near you, determined either by zip code, by radius or a custom selected area. The postcards are addressed to “Resident” or “Occupant” or some other specified tag line, not by name. This is the type of mailing which is done for 32¢ per piece for 4” X 6” postcards. For the 8.5x5.5 postcards, the price is 39¢ per piece. This is the most cost-effective type of mailing. Price based on 4,000 quantity. B. Targeted mailings to consumers or businesses. This mailing is targeted to consumers or businesses and we can filter by various criteria such as SIC codes (for businesses) demographics and/or geography (e.g homeowners with income of $60,000 and above in Mountain view, CA or mortgage brokers in Houston, TX). This can also include mailing to your own list. For a targeted mailing, the cost is 43¢ for 4” X 6” postcards and 50¢ for 5.5” X 8.5” postcards. Price based on 4,000 quantity. C. New movers/new businesses and birthday regular mailings. We will send out monthly mailings to people who newly move into the area or businesses that start up in the area specified by you or to birthdays that fall in the following month. This type of mailing, which involves more frequent, smaller mailings and multiple set-ups for the monthly mailings costs 48¢ for 4" X 6" postcards and 55¢