Real Estate Newsletter – Size and Frequency Options

Developing a real estate newsletter requires both an understanding of your audience and an awareness about the technical aspects of how to do it. Part of doing the latter is knowing both the best real estate newsletter size options and frequency options.

Size Options

There are typically two size options for real estate newsletters.

8.5 x 11 folded once to 5.5 x 8.5
11 x 17  folded once to 8.5×11 or twice to 5.5 x 8.5

Choosing the right size options can be a challenge, but there are a few ways to make the right decisions. Think about balancing cost versus the amount of content you want on the page. Whatever you do, make sure your messaging is the key focus, and the size being of secondary importance.

If you go with the smaller option and have space constraints, then focus on making your content local. Drop the general interest piece and give your readers what they want. Advertise local market conditions instead so you’re providing genuine value.

Should you choose an 11 x 17, you can balance your general interest pieces with the local content that people want for a more thorough piece.

Once you decide on your real estate newsletter sizing, the next step is to decide on your real estate newsletter frequency options.

Frequency Options

How frequently you release your newsletter can determine whether or not people want to keep reading it.
Your biggest choice is monthly versus quarterly. Monthly provides a taste of the information you want to share with your audience with a consistent but not overbearing frequency. Quarterly can also work but would depend on your audience.

The budget can also be an issue. However, once you know how much you can afford, the next step is to decide on a frequency and stick with it. Sporadic newsletters are almost worse than not releasing any. Pick a frequency, maintain consistency and give your audience something to look forward to and expect. As you do so, they’ll start looking forward to your newsletter and your audience will grow.

Summing It Up

A real estate newsletter is a great way to drum up interest in your business and increase brand recognition. After you narrow down your size options, budget, and frequency options it’s time to start writing. MARKOTS provides a turnkey service to help you with your newsletter marketing efforts. We help you create your newsletter and pull it all together to create an attractive piece of content that potential customers will want to read. And we do the printing and mailing of the newsletter so you need not worry about getting the piece delivered to your target audience.

Take Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level with a Newsletter

Regardless of how long you’ve been in real estate, you know that the only way to build your clientele is exposure. For decades the best way to do this was walking the neighborhood farm knocking on doors and leaving miniature note pads by the door displaying your smiling face. With the advent of social media and Google, the real estate industry has flooded to the web to compete for the first page of search engines. The problem is that page 1 is owned by the giants, Zillow,® and others. The good news is that you can make an impact with your sphere of influence with a newsletter.

Let’s face it, how many potential clients really need to read another post about putting flowers in the front yard for curb appeal or noticing the neighborhood park? While buyers and sellers are certainly concerned about these issues, what will keep them interested long enough to notice your name is relevant content. On social media it’s termed “click-bait,” an interesting title which grabs the reader’s attention and then keeps it with information they can actually use. This is the purpose of a newsletter. By offering your clients and potential clients interesting, relevant content on a regular basis, you can ensure they look forward to hearing from you.

So what type of content?

  • Local events
  • Travel tips
  • Home improvement
  • Market information and home price trends
  • General interest: recipes, design styles, home automation

The main thing is to keep it balanced between solid information and light, fun stuff. By providing an engaging newsletter, you will build rapport and engagement…in other words, they will remember you. The best newsletter program includes a regular schedule. We understand that this can be time consuming and difficult to find the right articles to include. Fortunately we are experts and can provide you a monthly (or quarterly) newsletter you can send your clients. They will remember you!