Buying Mailing Lists From MARKOTS

List Buying FAQs


1) What is the price of your lists.
We have a simple pricing structure.
3 cents per address for a saturation type list (no names, just Current Resident and address)
6 cents per name for most targeted consumer lists (income, age, gender, homes with children, homes with pets, new movers, birthdays, ethnicity, veterans etc)
10 cents per name for business lists
Specialty lists like homes with certain types of vehicles, homeowners insurance coming up for renewal, pre-movers etc will be quoted on case by case basis.

2) What is the minimum quantity?
There is no minimums for most lists, specialty lists may have certain minimums.

3) Do you have any price breaks?
If you need more than 10,000 names, please contact us by phone or email.

4) Do your lists have phone numbers?
Business lists will have phone numbers, where available. Saturation and consumer lists will not have phone numbers.

5) Can you provide email addresses?                                                                                                                                                                                                           We may be able to help with some types of email lists, please speak to your Customer Support Rep at MARKOTS.

6) What is the deal about the 200 free addresses?
All new customers and prospects are eligible to get 200 free addresses one time. No purchase necessary! This offer is valid for standard targeted lists, not for specialty lists.

7) How does the whole process work in terms of dealing with you guys?
It’s very easy. When you are looking for a mailing list, you either have a pretty good idea of what you want or need a bit of hand-holding and advice. We will send you reports, counts and recomendations by email once we receive the request from you through the form submission.
After a few rounds of changes with your feedback about the demographics and geography, we will arrive at your desired list compilation and count. You will have a human working on your list needs all the time to ensure you get the best option in terms of price
At this point, we will send you an Invoice which you can pay online using a credit card. Your list will be emailed to you in an excel or csv format.

8) Do you supply mailing labels?
We can ship you peel and stick labels for 5 cents per address extra, free standard shipping.

9) So what is different, special about your company compared to other list providers?
First, all your interaction with us will be with an actual knowledgeable person backed by a team who will help you get to your list needs in the most efficient and economical way. So you are not left on your own trying to work on an online platform trying to figure it all out.
Second, we have 15 years of experience on the “buy” side of lists. We run a direct mail marketing company so we understand how important the quality of list is to the overall success of your efforts. We have relationships with major compilers and brokers and know where to go for what. We will put that knowledge and connections to work for your needs.
Third, our pricing is very competitive. And we have no minimums!

10) Do you provide mailing services?
Yes, we provide full service design, printing and mailing services for postcards, letters, brochures and booklets. And when you decide to go this route, the design service as well the list is provided to you free (in most cases), its all included in one simple turnkey price point. Discuss this option with your Customer Support Rep.